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She Rebel Radio

Sep 26, 2019

Many female entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to pricing their products and services. Sometimes this struggle is due to limiting beliefs and a lack of confidence, but often, the challenge arises because we are working out of alignment with integrity.


So, how do you price your services with integrity?


On today’s episode, I share the three things you need to keep in mind when pricing your services with integrity. I explain what integrity is and why it’s important when pricing your services. I explain the Yama Triangle concept and how you can use it to price your services with integrity. I also explain what can happen when you price your services out of integrity to yourself, your business, and your clients and the three questions you should ask yourself to price your services with integrity.




“It’s really, really destructive if our services are priced outside of integrity.” - Lulu Minns





This week on She Rebel Radio:


  • What often happens when you price your services outside of integrity
  • The importance of being in integrity with your business
  • The importance of being in integrity with yourself
  • Identifying your personal financial needs and how your business will meet those needs
  • How managing client expectations helps you stay in alignment with your integrity





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