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She Rebel Radio

Apr 16, 2021

Today on She Rebel Radio, we explore the separation from our motherships and much needed social formations during the pandemic and the effect that has on us : 


“When we don’t know where our mothership is and as we’ve been forced to separate from one another in this past year - we can become easily confused, lack clarity and direction” 


We explore 5 reasons as we come out of lockdown, you need to find and be fiercely loyal to your mothership : going further than you can alone, finding support during difficult times, celebrating your noteworthy news, taking turns in leadership and working towards a common goal and purpose. 


“Now is the time to reconnect and find your mothership”


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • We explore 5 reasons to find (and be loyal) to your mothership
  • How the pandemic has affected our connection to (and need) for the mothership
  • Dive into 5 things geese can teach us about our mothership 
  • Why it’s important to take turns to lead and connect with people who want us to win
  • Info on 3 Staycation Retreats :
  • Invitation to the She Rebel Radio Members :


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