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She Rebel Radio

Mar 5, 2022

Lucy Jeffrey is the founder of Bare Kind, selling bamboo socks that save endangered animals. She founded the company in 2018 when she decided she didn’t want her corporate bank job to be her lasting legacy to the world. Every pair sold has a positive impact on the lives of the animal pictured — whether that be hedgehogs and bumblebees in the UK or Orangutans and Gorillas in jungles worldwide!

“We were able to protect 800 acres of forest last year JUST with our orangutang socks.” - Lucy Jeffery.

Lucy joins me on the show today to discuss why her personal values of kindness and compassion prompted her to leave her corporate job to become an entrepreneur. She shares how those values intersect with her robust charity business model and describes how her Charity Impact Report helps customers understand how their sock purchase helps animals in real terms so they can connect with Bare Kind’s philosophy. Lucy also discusses why it was so crucial for her to have a clear mission for her business that centred around protecting our diverse planet and its inhabitants and how she connects her customers to that vision.

“That network effect of speaking to other like-minded people who are there to support you is very validating.” - Lucy Jeffery.

Episode Highlights:

How Bare Kind was designed from the ground up to be good, and why kindness, compassion, and being a voice for animals is so important to Lucy

  • How Bare Kind measures the impact of how they support each animal and what ‘sock currency’ is
  • Lucy’s advice for managing your finances as a small business — and why she checks her business finances daily
  • Lucy’s inspiration and process for designing and bringing a new pair of socks to life
  • The catalyst that made Lucy jump into her business full time in 2020 and what she has learned about herself in the process
  • Lucy’s biggest challenge as a woman in business and how the Natwest Accelerator has supported her through it

International Women’s Day Insight:

“The customer is what's fueling the business.” - Lucy Jeffery.

Setting your intention is key when you’re managing your own business. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to have a vision and mission that you really connect with and share with your customers. My conversation with Lucy highlighted her commitment to running her company with kindness and compassion and how aligning with her true purpose has allowed her to use her business to help others.

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