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She Rebel Radio

Jul 9, 2021

Serial entrepreneur, author of Brand famous and renowned speaker Linzi Boyd joins me this week on She Rebel Radio, where we discuss the power of Brand and the differences with Branding: 


“Your brand is your modern business model - it is the end to the end of your business. Branding on the other hand is the logo, the look and visual tone”


Also the Founder of BOB : Earth, an organisation which builds brands to shift industries and Linzi advocates in the 21st century - a revolution can now be led by people and not institutions. 


“Institutions are never going to make the change in society but people can”


Her mission is to ‘Unite purpose driven movement towards global unity’ and she believes that ‘purpose’ is the new trading currency and explains how women (and feminine energy) are part of that conversation :


“The Him and Her conversation is integral to us getting to where we want to be and that can be the female energy and male energy that plays out”


Get ready to see more of the future and #jointhequietrevolution in today’s episode of She Rebel Radio


“There will be high tech innovation like never before between 2021 and 2031 but at the same time a massive pull to spirituality, nature and conscious awakening”



 - Linzi Boyd


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • The difference between a business brand and branding
  • How people rather than intuitions can create change 
  • How we have entered into the Who Era
  • The steps to becoming Brand Famous 
  • Why purpose and conscious awakening is the new currency 
  • The movement towards global unity (and the role feminine) can play in it 
  • Why we need to bring nature and technology together in harmony 

Additional Quote : 


“We teach how to change 20th century thinking to 21st century thinking which is about leading with purpose, legacy and impact”


 - Linzi Boyd


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