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She Rebel Radio

Jun 18, 2021

The author of Maculine Feminine Balance, Jacqueline McLeod joins me this week to dive deeper into the energy of the feminine. Jacqueline’s book Masculine Feminine Balance, introduces a paradigm shift that is a pathway to a more peaceful, progressive and nourished society. 


Together, we discuss the feminine based principles and what the reintroduction of those looks like for a more balanced society. We explore the ramifications of the repression of the feminine for women and men alike and how the solution lies in finding the balance within ourselves. 


“Feminine energies can be expressed by any gender -- my idea of feminism is empowering ‘the feminine energy’ in women, men and any other gender for that matter. 



Blending the feminine with the masculine brings a more balanced approach to relationships, attitudes and all areas of life”

  - Jacqueline McLeod


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • The Difference between Feminism and Womanism 
  • Explore masculine based dominance 
  • Why we must learn to value and respect the feminine energy  
  • How to understand and explore feminine energy 
  • Why the balance of the masculine and feminine is essential for a more balanced and peaceful society
  • How both women and men can (and should) express feminine based energy 

Additional Quote :

“ The feminine polarity to being rational as being intuitive, the feminine polarity to being logical as being emotional” 


- Jacqueline McLeod


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