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She Rebel Radio

Mar 6, 2021

Laura Way, the founder of Votch, an award winning company who make watches and minimalist accessories using innovative, sustainable and cruelty free materials, joins me for an International Women’s Day episode sponsored by Coast to Capital. 

Votch a UK based company has been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, the Times and Telegraph and more. Votch has also won a number of Vegan Fashion and Product Awards. 

During this episode, Laura shares her passion for finding a kinder way to do business and demonstrates the value of kindness as a core that runs throughout the  business. Laura shares why she runs the business with her small rehomed dog Rolo and how her own debilitating skin condition led to her business being born. 


The core of our business, our whole ethos and foundation is a model built on kindness and just treating others how you want to be treated’’


 - Laura Way


This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Founder of Votch, shares how her debilitating skin condition led to her business being born. 
  • How to be an advocate who is creative in ways of thinking and educating others.
  • Demonstrates how giving back and kindness is central to her business 
  • Explains the passion she has for finding new and innovative ways to use vegan and sustainable products. 
  • How Coast to Capital and the Natwest Accelerator Hub have supported her business growth


Additional Quote :

‘‘You need to be challenged and questioned when you run a business. And you need to know your strengths and weaknesses


 - Laura Way 


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