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She Rebel Radio

Apr 9, 2021

Children’s writer Alice Clover joins us on She Rebel Radio today, where we discuss the creation, self publishing and promotion process of her best selling book Girls Love to Fart. 


“After working with children for 20 years, I noticed most of the toilet humour books were aimed at boys and had male protagonists and yet girls also found it funny, so I felt like it needed to be more of an equal genre for both boys and girls” 

- Alice Clover 


Girls Love to Fart has sold about 10,000 copies in just under two years and Alice shares how the women in her family and female authors have inspired her over the years. We also discuss the importance of the bold message that Girls Love to Fart delivers, why it’s important and the challenges Alice had to overcome to create it. 


“I knew not everyone would like the book, yet I really wanted to get the message of ‘Girls Love to Fart’ out there to help improve women’s confidence about themselves and their bodies, and the right to not feel ashamed.”  

- Alice Clover


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • The inspiration and inspiring women behind the best-selling book ‘Girls love to Fart’ 
  • Why it was so important to challenge the shame and status quo for girls and women. 
  • The challenges of self publishing and promoting a best selling children’s book. 
  • How Alice focused on the bold message she wanted to deliver as opposed to those who didn’t like or understand her idea. 
  • Other taboo subjects that women (and girls love) which are not discussed and need to be challenged. 


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