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She Rebel Radio

Dec 20, 2019

Founder of Blue Health Coaching, Ocean Activist and Blue Mind Award winner Lizzi Larbalestier joins me this week where she shares how water ripples through her purpose and how each of us can use blue environments to ask important questions about possibility, purpose and why each of us are here.

During this episode, Lizzi explains how the ocean encourages us to slow our breathing whereby we become more aware and connected to our heart rhythm and body which enables us to make decisions from the entire nervous system. This allows us as humans to check in with our individual eco system and the wider one as well. We discuss how living in a digital world which values structure and certainty fuels the inability to make sensory decisions and navigate change effectively.

“The beach is a space of continual transition. There is a lack of being static and that reminds us that change is constant “

- Lizzi Larbalestier

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why as humans, we are built to connect with water.

  • How you can use blue environments (even in urban areas) to ask questions about purpose, possibility and why you are here.

  • How being at the beach allows for solitude and reflection and provides a strong formative, playful and restorative experience.

  • How the beach causes us to slow down, be more open to exploring possibilities and ensures that our decision making becomes coherent and connected to the wider impact.

  • How directed attention creates fatigue compared to soft fascination which opens up our entire nervous system.

  • How the ocean automatically provides an environment for mindfulness.

Lizzi’s advice for She Rebels :

“When you stifle creativity, you become very conditioned to the way you respond to circumstances and that actually doesn’t allow for change”

- Lizzi L

Resources :

Blue Mind

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