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She Rebel Radio

May 7, 2021

Join our first She Rebel Roundtable discussion with guest speaker Amy Mckeown, award winning mental health and well-being specialist, Amy is a leading expert working with the mental health of women and recently founded the business of being a woman conference. 

During this episode, we discuss : How do we define feminine success? Which is a question I have been exploring with clients since 2016 and provided expert guidance upon. We explore at the present time, we are in a breakdown of systems or structures in society that upholds a masculine paradigm of power and success. They are old, outdated and not working. 


“That creates a gap and a void - one which I like to call no woman’s land ! A void which can be filled with a re-introduction of a feminine principles and a more feminine paradigm of success - one which women will need to lead and re-introduce but what on earth does that look like and what are the problems we face in doing that?”


Amy McKeown concludes : 


“Our entire society is based on greek and latin reasoning which is about logic, intelligence and women in those days were not allowed to talk and our whole system and structure is around that. So I think the work now is to really understand who we are and what we want as embodied women living on a cyclical planet. 


The responsibility question is about how we are going to speak up for ourselves and how we are going to support other women to do so, to rebuild - these conversations need to happen …..” 


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Discuss the systemic breakdown we are currently seeing of masculine paradigms and success systems. 
  • Devastating impact of women’s rights and women’s mental health during the pandemic. 
  • Why women are disembodied and disconnected from their own needs 
  • How Feminine Success is not linear and can be more inclusive and beneficial to all 
  • The importance of embodiment, confidence and ability in using our own voice 
  • The power system of money and why women need more access to it



Additional Quote shared by Keeley Olivia : 

“A woman cannot make the culture more aware by saying ‘Change.’ But she can change her own attitude toward herself, thereby causing devaluing projections to glance off. She does this by taking back her body. By not forsaking the joy of her natural body, by not purchasing the popular illusion that happiness is only bestowed on those of a certain configuration or age, by not waiting or holding back to do anything, and by taking back her real life, and living it full bore, all stops out. This dynamic self-acceptance and self-esteem are what begins to change attitudes in the culture.” ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes


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