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She Rebel Radio

Feb 21, 2020

Penina Shepherd, the Founder of the award winning legal firm, Acumen Law joins me this week, Acumen law was listed by the Financial Times in the top 50 innovative law firms. In 2018, Penina herself was awarded the legal and professional business woman of the year in Sussex, she is also the best selling Author of the Freedom Revolution.

During this episode, we discuss when is the right time to create your own Freedom Revolution which is rarely based in logic. Penina explains how to connect with your personal drivers and find your personal passion which is at the heart of creating your own Freedom Revolution.

Penina also shares about her recent changes to her role within her business over the last two years.

“Fear always has the best lawyers, as when it arrives - it arrives with good solid arguments. Yet the answer AND what you want is always on the other side of that fear ”

- Penina Shepherd

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • When to start your own Freedom Revolution and how to make that decision

  • How you might deal with the objections of others and fears that come up

  • What is a Freedom Revolution and how to connect with your personal drivers

  • How people are confused about what drives them and to find their passion

  • The difference between the Intrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs

  • Why you need to define success for yourself

  • Why it might be helpful for women not to define themselves as women or mums in business

Additional Quote :

‘’Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen. And then ask yourself a much better question - what is the best that can happen?”


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