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She Rebel Radio

Apr 17, 2020

Rachel Cashman joins me this week to share hints, tips, understanding and tools regarding psychological safety in a time of extended uncertainty. During the episode we discuss the impact of feeling unsafe, how you can identify it and the principles you can put in place to ensure you create safety for yourself (and others) at this difficult time.

Rachel is the CEO of the Soircas Consultancy, a specialist consultancy supporting people with psychological safety in the workplace and she is one of only 2 Master License holders in the country who are trained and accredited to deliver the UK’s first predictive, and academically peer reviewed Psychological Safety tools.

“Psychological safety is the environment or conditions where you feel that you can be your most authentic self. That is to be, included, feel safe to contribute, learn and/or to expose/share vulnerability or challenge the status quo or the norms of the situation”

- Rachel Cashman

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • We explore what psychological safety is and how this differs from physical safety.

  • The impact COVID 19 is having on our psychological safety.

  • The feminist perspective on psychological safety and the issues that arise for women.

  • The link between emotional and physical burnout and psychological safety.

  • Five areas you can keep in check to ensure balance within psychological safety.

  • Three safety tools you can use NOW to feel psychologically safe.

Additional Quote :

‘’How can I and how can we all provide air cover to our feminist sisters — so we have their back when they want to challenge the status quo, which will be different for each of us ”

- Rachel Cashman


The 3 Keys to Self-Actualisation Course :

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