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She Rebel Radio

Apr 22, 2020

Positive Psychologist and Human Connection Expert, Alex Bailey joins me this week for a special live webinar where we discuss How to Stay Positive and Lead online during a time of crisis.

Alex shares her top tips on leading during a time of extended uncertainty and one we where we are called to serve at a distance from one another. During the webinar we discussed authenticity, vulnerability, empathy and staying positive during the difficult time we face in the worldwide pandemic.

“That drive for perfection, striving to be good, to be brilliant and stand out is just not required right now. Actually it will trip us up. Leading with uncertainty - is a time when it’s ok to make mistakes” - Alex Bailey

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • What’s working online and three things you need to be brave about.

  • The benefits of staying positive during a crisis and how to do so.

  • Why now is a key time to ditch detail/perfection and make mistakes.

  • Why sharing your inner voice and how your feeling is important to.

  • Why Human connection, active listening and empathy is key right now.

Additional Quote :

“Now is the time to give to others from a place of service and instead of asking what can I get — ask what is it that I can give” - Lulu Minns

Connect with Alex

LinkedIn: Alex Bailey :

Bailey & French – Consulting :


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