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She Rebel Radio

Nov 29, 2019

This week I celebrate 5 years since I handed in my notice as a criminal defence lawyer, litigator and Head of Department. I take you through my story of why I made that decision and 3 things that helped me decipher that 2015 was the year I decided to build a new arena for myself to play in.

During this episode, I discuss how Kimberley Motley’s quote of “getting out of the boxing ring’ resonated with me so deeply and how that women leaving corporate and building their own arenas is indicative of what is happening on a wider scale. Is 2020 the year, you’re going to get serious about building your new arena? Is it time to assume a new version of power and significance? Is it time to express yourself more creatively instead of being conditioned to follow the rules? And why it’s crucial to win the internal battle first and allow your intuitive side to take the lead.

“I discovered that I was no longer in the arena I wanted to play in — I needed to lay the foundations for myself for a new arena to play in, one built on my terms, with more meaning, more significance and built on feminine presence.”

- Lulu Minns

This Week on She Rebel Radio:

  • I explain how I decided it was the right time to take the leap to build my new arena.

  • I celebrate 5 years since making that decision and share with you 3 things to consider

    when deciding if it’s YOUR TIME to build your new arena.

  • We discuss hard power (threats, competition, forcing, fear) vs Soft power based on

    empathy, understanding, support and collaboration.

  • How exhausting exerting power in the wrong way can be

  • Needing to express yourself creatively vs being stifled, following the rules, templates,

    systems and structures.

  • How systems and structures in your new arena may also be keeping you stuck.

  • Why finding your authentic voice is essential to creating that new arena

  • Why winning the internal battle of allowing intuition to take the lead is crucial

  • And why embodying change is more than mindset and connects with feminine presence

    Resources :
    Kimberley Motely - Desert Island Discs - She Rebel Club -

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