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She Rebel Radio

Mar 8, 2021

Co-founder and Managing Director of Posture People, Jo Blood joins me for an International Women’s Day episode sponsored by Coast to Capital. Posture People is an independent ergonomic furniture consultancy who has helped countless companies and individuals to provide happier, healthier and more productive working environments. 

Jo is an expert in her field having appeared on the BBC and been quoted by several publications including the Guardian, Evening Standard and Grazia magazine. During this episode Jo shares how she became an expert through experience, osmosis and her passion for helping people yet her  inner critic still speaks up.


We explore the experience of women in male dominated industries, how imposter syndrome can come and go and how the business adapted during covid. Plus you can find out more about making your home working environment more comfortable with a number of links below. 

“I am continually reviewing things and have a strong inner critical voice, but that can drive me to do better”

- Jo Blood 



This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • How we can become an expert by experience and osmosis, not always planning. 
  • Exploring the inner critic and how imposter syndrome can manifest, change and sometimes drive us. 
  • The challenges women can face when working in a male dominated industry 
  • The personal questions that arise and impact of Covid on a well refined business model. 
  • Advice on home working furniture that can impact you and your success 
  • How Coast to Capital and the Natwest Accelerator Hub have supported her business growth


Additional Quote :

“We all have days when we win, and days when we don’t, I keep asking how can we make life better? ”  

- Jo Blood 






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