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She Rebel Radio

Sep 26, 2019

Mary-Rose Lobo is the founder of SKINIRVANA, a skincare company born out of her desire to treat her own reactive skincare needs. Throughout her teens and early twenties, Mary suffered from eczema and rosacea. After trying to treat her condition with commercial skincare products and experiencing a severe reaction, Mary decided to create her own products made from pure plant and seed oils, which can now be found in many retail stores.


Mary joins me today to discuss how she built her business with perseverance, despite the lack of support she received from others. She shares why she pivoted from owning a skincare salon to offering handmade, natural skin care products and the challenges she faced while building her business and raising her daughter as a single mom. She explains why it’s important for entrepreneurs to avoid seeking external validation and why we need to be mindful of how we present ourselves and our businesses to others. She also explains how your confidence impacts your ability to take ownership of your success and how she reframed her mindset when sharing her successes with others.




“People that really support you and believe in you, they can almost see your future before you do. They see what you can attain - and they’re pushing you towards that.” - Mary Lobo




This week on She Rebel Radio:


  • What inspired her to bring her skin care products to market
  • Why she decided to pivot from owning a skincare salon to selling handmade, natural skincare products
  • The biggest challenges she faced during her first two years of business
  • The importance of being mindful of how you present yourself and your business to others
  • How she grew her business despite the lack of support she received from those around her
  • Her motivation to keep going - even when she feels like giving up
  • The importance of networking and meeting people to grow your business
  • How she reframed her mindset when sharing her company’s successes
  • How your confidence impacts your ability to take ownership of your successes
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with other female entrepreneurs



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