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She Rebel Radio

Dec 13, 2019

Are you ready to make 2020 your most transformational year yet? How would less frustration and moving more gracefully into 2020 feel to you? Then dive into this episode where I explain why setting strict and rigid business goals vs softer intentions may be the exact thing that has been keeping you stuck.

When going through a period of transformation, intentions will set the course for you, allowing the space for growth, receptivity, flow and the co-creation you need to create change. Find out why intentions will act as a filter for the decisions you make and help to effortlessly move you in the right direction. During this episode, I discuss the the difference between intentions, strict business goals, annual resolutions and giving “things” your attention.

“Setting softer intentions are crucial when in a period of transformation vs strict business goals which will create frustration” - Lulu Minns

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why you need to start the new year, decade, month and every day with intentions.

  • Why intentions are crucial when in a period transformation compared to rigid strict business goals which will create frustration and the need to control.

  • How intentions are feminine in nature and require openness, receptivity and the space for growth.

  • Intentions vs strict business goals, resolutions and attention.

  • How business goals and the measurable aspects can lie underneath the intention.

  • Why resolutions are often clouded in lack with nothing to replace the gap with.

  • How attention energises and can spotlight a problem rather than transform or change anything.

  • I share 3 journaling tools with you to start tuning in with those intentions for the year ahead.

  • Why you should end the year, month and day with gratitude which is an important alignment piece of the puzzle.

Resources :
Allow those intentions to unfold at the Space and Significance Retreat:

Gem’s Yoga


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