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She Rebel Radio

Jun 4, 2021

We kick off our She Rebel Radio ‘Summer Retreat Series’ with Naomi Newland, Founder of Rest Fest : A Women’s Wellness festival with over 60 experiences including workshops, speakers and pop up spa’s - the festival is designed by women for women’s health, mental wellness and emotional harmony. 


Naomi shares how she nurtured (and also hid) from the seed of an idea that was Restfest and later turned it into a reality. 

RestFest was a yearning and one of those ‘big magic’ ideas that would just not leave me alone….I felt like it came through me, I would literally dream about it and it kept knocking on the door….


It’s just magical and brilliant to take something from that seed of an idea into a reality.

 It's a beautiful process”  


 - Naomi Newland 


Resfest 2020 was cancelled just a week before the UK lockdown and during this episode we discuss all the joys, crisis moments and lessons learnt of being an event organiser before, during and after the pandemic. 

“Cancelling the event the day before really built up my fighting spirit. And I think being one of the first events to be impacted. I also felt a little bit of responsibility to be able to do a grace” 


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Discuss the seedlings of Restfest from Idea to Reality 
  • Explore the impact of other people on those ideas 
  • The development and growth of Restfest 
  • The realities of cancelling the event in 2020 24 hours before 
  • Galvanising confidence and grace within her leadership 
  • What we can look forward to at Rest Fest this year. 


Additional Quote :

“We can limit our experiences by trying to verbalise them, words don’t always describe what really happens at a retreat or a festival” 


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