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She Rebel Radio

Jun 25, 2021

To roundup our She Rebel Radio ‘Retreat Summer Series’, we discuss 5 Summer ‘She Rebel’ Reads that are essential for you to dive into this summer. Forget personal development books, relax and dive into five historical fiction books discovering more of the narrative and mythology for women. 

For so long,...

Jun 18, 2021

The author of Maculine Feminine Balance, Jacqueline McLeod joins me this week to dive deeper into the energy of the feminine. Jacqueline’s book Masculine Feminine Balance, introduces a paradigm shift that is a pathway to a more peaceful, progressive and nourished society. 


Together, we discuss the feminine based...

Jun 11, 2021

Gemma Williams, my retreat business partner (founder of Gem Yoga providing Mentoring, teaching training and cpd points for yoga teachers) joins me this week to discuss how retreats and retreating has helped her personally over the years and become part of her lifestyle before incorporating that into her business.


Jun 4, 2021

We kick off our She Rebel Radio ‘Summer Retreat Series’ with Naomi Newland, Founder of Rest Fest : A Women’s Wellness festival with over 60 experiences including workshops, speakers and pop up spa’s - the festival is designed by women for women’s health, mental wellness and emotional harmony. 


Naomi shares...