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She Rebel Radio

Sep 26, 2019

As business owners, it is absolutely crucial that we create clients and customers. After all, if nobody is buying your products or services, then you don’t have a business - you have a hobby. So, how do you consistently create clients and customers so your business is constantly growing and, more importantly, thriving?


In today’s episode, I share the five hidden obstacles that are getting in your way of creating clients and customers for your business. I explain the difference between a paying client and someone simply researching your service or offer. I discuss the importance of getting to know yourself before trying to identify your ideal client and how your own impostor syndrome could be standing in your way of successfully attracting your ideal clients. I also share how your money mindset and grit impact your ability to create clients and customers for your business.




“You need to be the creator of your business. Go out there and make things happen!” - Lulu Minns





This week on She Rebel Radio:


  • The difference between a paying client and someone simply conducting market research
  • The importance of getting to know yourself before creating your ideal client
  • The trial-and-error phase of identifying who your ideal client really is
  • How your impostor syndrome is impacting your ability to attract ideal clients
  • Why female entrepreneurs experience impostor syndrome at a much higher degree than our male counterparts
  • The importance of having the grit to reach out and sell your services
  • How your mindset around money impacts your ability to attract clients and customers
  • Creating a powerful and valuable product or service that you’re truly proud of
  • The importance of understanding the client/customer creation process



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