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She Rebel Radio

Mar 7, 2022

When we think about taking risks, the first ones we consider are financial and physical risks. This episode explores these risks and, more importantly, the social, psychological, emotional, and cultural risks that women are taking all the time. We discuss the consequences and impact some of these risks have had on women's lives and livelihoods.

“Women are taking risks all the time and reaping the possible loss and injury and uncertainty that may take.” - Lulu Minns

We explore the importance of becoming a Risk Contender and how this translates into daily life and business. When we are building our businesses of significance, we need to connect not only with our wisdom but have the courage to step forward and create a lasting impact. On the show, I also share inspiring examples of inspiring women who have been Risk Contenders in their field and the positive and negative effects this has had on their lives, careers and success status.

“Whilst as women we can receive trauma and disempowerment in the collective in society, we can also find our empowerment and healing in that as well” - Lulu Minns

Episode Highlights:

  • Why you have to take risks to create impact
  • How we as women can break conventional rules and become Risk Contenders
  • How to recognise risks you have already taken and overcome obstacles to become a Risk Contender
  • Three powerful journaling prompts to help you reflect on how risk-averse you are
  • What being a Risk Contender looks like for us as a collective of women

International Women’s Day Insight:

“When we connect with role models and women that have taken risks we can connect with the archetype of that woman to step into taking greater risks for ourselves, for our businesses, and to reach that courage and impact.” - Lulu Minns

Women are taking social, psychological, emotional and cultural risks on top of financial and physical risks, all the time. While challenging, taking risks can lead to significant growth both individually and as a collective of women. Challenge yourself to become a Risk Contender!

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