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She Rebel Radio

May 14, 2021

Perry Power joins me this week and is the Author of Breaking the Silence and Co-Founder of We RESCUE KIDS, a charity organisation that helps to rescue kids from sexual abuse and child sex trafficking.


Perry famously broke his silence on social media including Tik Tok about historic sexual abuse he experienced as a child and the healing journey of how he started to break his silence. 


During this episode, we discuss the power of sharing your own story to help others, finding your purpose and Perry’s clear mission of breaking the taboo of sexual abuse and the destructive cycle of silence. 


I broke my silence and shared my story again and again, this gave more people permission to break their own silence ” - Perry Power 


Perry also shares important steps of how to break the silence and heal through deeper emotional expression, we discuss the power of forgiveness and choosing to shed the past :


“We all have the power to shed an old identity and to create a new one” - Perry Power 


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Explore the destructive silence of abuse and how that allows the pattern to continue 
  • Understand how negative experiences can translate into greater purpose
  • Share safe steps to reclaiming your power and breaking your silence 
  • The power of forgiveness and creating safe spaces to unlock trapped emotions
  • How entrepreneurship can trigger needing to do the work on ourselves 
  • Why and how Perry wrote his bestselling book : ‘Breaking the Silence’, now featured as a TedTalk and Netflix film in the pipeline. 


Connect with Perry and We Rescue Kids : 

Instagram Account : 


Charity IG:

Charity Website:


Books : 

Perry’s Book : Breaking the Silence

Lewis Howes : Mask of Masculinity 


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