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She Rebel Radio

Jul 2, 2021

Author of NEON, Bethany Rose joins me today as a spoken word artist and poet all around her teaching career. Bethany’s poems PINK and LIGHT BULB received millions of views after being featured on the BBC and she recently appeared as a speaker for Ted X Women, London sharing her part talk and part performance ‘breaking out of the concrete’. 


Bethany work shines a shadowy light on everyday issues such as mental health, LGBT, grief and longing and during this episode we discuss the contained wildness of women, how to overcome not being liked and the power of boredom in helping us to uncover who we are, what we like and our deeper gifts and purpose. 

“I love the idea of wildness being contained and I feel like that is what a lightbulb is and that is what being a woman is too - it’s a restrained wildness……and if you don’t contain it (the wildness), you won’t be taken seriously” 


- Bethany Rose 

 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Understanding the contained wildness of women 
  • How she now makes money from everything she tried to not be as a teenager
  • How to overcome and get comfortable with being disliked and criticised
  • The power of boredom in discovering our path  
  • Impact on social media on our evolutionary progress 
  • Why she wrote her book NEON 
  • Her battle with Mental Health and how she wished she was purple

Additional Quote : 

“If I am doing something meaningful, there will always be someone who doesn’t like it - that is cost of meaningful work” - Bethany Rose 

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Ted Talk : Breaking Out of the Concrete



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