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She Rebel Radio

Sep 18, 2020

Shahida Rashid the founder of the Butterfly Charity joins me this week sharing how her charity supports women in rural Bangladesh to thrive. Shahida is also a Sales Coach/Trainer and the the author of Happiness Within, a book written for Muslim women on how they can start to put themselves first.

During this Episode, Shahida shares why her work focuses on supporting women and how she created the butterfly effect in impacting other women due to her own experiences and undoing her own social conditioning. We talk about the importance of doing the inner work as the catalyst to opening up your potential and purpose.

“When women are successful and fabulous (and we believe that we are), we can actually do so much more to help others’’

- Shahida Rashid

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • How Depression helped her view life (and business) with a new lens.

  • The conditioning of women as ‘people pleasers’ and impact of that us our path.

  • Why self love and the ‘inner work’ is so important

  • The feminine skills we can use in sales

  • Why we need to ditch perfectionism and what other people think

  • Hear the experiences of the Women in rural Bangladesh and how we can help via the Butterfly Charity.

Additional Quote :

“You have to become your own cheerleader and its from that place that we can help others”

- Shahida Rashid

Connect with Shahida and The Butterfly Charity

Books and Resources :

Shahida Rashid : Happiness Within

Mary Oliver : A Thousand Mornings

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