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She Rebel Radio

Jan 24, 2020

This week, former BBC producer, Confidence Speaker, Author and Personal Impact Expert : Esther Stanhope joins me as we say Goodbye to Glossophobia and banish the fear of public speaking.

During the episode we explore the issues around Women being reluctant to speak up in public including in the boardroom, on stage and as a speaker in business. Esther shares her top tips for women and her experience as to why as women can be reluctant to show up as the expert. She also talks about why she left the BBC to start her own business and her initial reluctance to also speak up.

“When it comes to communication and speaking up, you are never going to be 100% sure. So let’s make a pact now and just go for being 80% sure. My first tip is to say to yourself — I’m just going for 80% today”

- Esther Stanhope

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • The 60% phenomenon men need to speak up compared to 99-200% for women

  • How to create the scene and stage for being in the spotlight

  • Why it needs to be normal to see more women speaking up

  • How we can mix power, warmth and our oddities to be an asset when speaking

  • What you should be visualising instead of a ‘naked audience’

  • Power Posing and how you can use it (and what to wear)

  • Why public speaking is both a formula and an art

Esther’s advice for She Rebels :

“If there is anything women need to do differently, we have to have a bit more courage. And use power mixed with warmth. Warmth is about being generous and sharing with your audience”

- Esther Stanhope

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