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She Rebel Radio

Jan 31, 2020

During this episode, I share with you exactly why when leaving your prestigious position and starting your business of significance - you need to dial up your intuition and dial down your instinct. I highlight and illustrate the differences between these two things and why dialling up your intuition is essential.

We explore why as women we can be hardwired for some instinctive behaviour that’s not beneficial to growing a business yet when we tune in with intuition -- its a super power we can actually leverage. We explore the core differences between Intuition and Instinct, how you can identify which one you are leading from and the different outcomes you can expect.

“It’s important as women we are having a conscious conversation with ourselves in doing the opposite of what our instincts may tell us—dialling it right down.

But when it comes to your intuition, make the space to listen to the super power you have as it will create a trail for you to step into your genius”

- Lulu Minns

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why your instinct will dial up when leaving your prestigious position

  • Why intuition is where you actually want to lead from and a super power

  • How intuition and instinct are different in nature

  • The instincts women in business may need to conquer

  • How you can identify Intuition vs Instinct

  • The different outcomes you can expect when dialling up or down

Resources :

The Soul’s Brain :

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