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She Rebel Radio

Mar 10, 2023

Today, we ‘Embrace Support’ on She Rebel Radio with guest Luke Pamflett, the current london ecosystem manager for Natwest. Nearly 4 years after the Rose Review, we receive an update on the latest statistics, find out more about the collective vision for female entrepreneurs and why the 100 Female founders to watch list has been so influential in embracing support. 

Journaling Tools :

  1. What are you going to embrace in 2023? 

  2. What is sacred to you in 2023? 

  3. What community will you be championing this year? 

  4. How will you embrace your health this year? 

  5. What word could you ‘redefine’ this year? 

  6. What bold steps could you be taking? 

  7. What would more conviction (and confidence) look like for you?

  8. How can you embrace more of your influence?

  9. How can you embrace more technology and innovation? 

  10. How can you embrace more support? 


Connect with Luke at Natwest

Connect with host Lulu Minns


Part of our International Women's Day Podcast Series & Sponsored by Natwest

Winner of Judges Choice Award as Featured in the Telegraph 100 Female Founders to Watch List