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She Rebel Radio

Mar 6, 2020

Amy is an Award Winning strategic workplace mental health expert running her own successful consultancy practice. She’s both a thought leader and innovator in the field having a particular interest in the mental health of Women.

Amy is also an advocate for change in leading the way with better maternity rights for women who miscarry. During this episode, we discuss the personal and professional recovery process following redundancy of a prestigious position. Amy shares the steps she took following redundancy after miscarriage and how she started to rebuild into greater flexibility and significance.

We discuss the emotional and financial implications when forced into a redundancy position which can be extremely tough to bounce back from.

“Your power is in your brand, and your knowledge and being able to express that to different people. It’s important to remember we have a lot more power (after redundancy) now than we did 30 years ago”

- Amy McKeown

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • We discuss the personal and professional recovery process following redundancy of a prestigious position.

  • How society views and values us by the work we do (as do we)

  • We explore the wider effect of redundancy and if the statistics are skewed towards women who are or have been pregnant.

  • Positive steps you can take to rebuild with greater flexibility and significance.

  • Explore the emotional processing that needs to occur to move forward and

  • Why the corporate structure might not be the space for you to thrive!

Additional Quote :

‘’ We still have a society and corporate structure that just does not support women, especially women who have anything to do with pregnancy, miscarriage or maternity” - Amy Mckeown


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