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She Rebel Radio

Mar 6, 2022

Victoria Wood is the founder and CEO of Greener Beauty, a one-stop-shop for natural, vegan, cruelty-free beauty products with a large plastic-free section. Greener beauty was founded in 2017 and born out of Victoria’s frustration as a compassionate vegan in finding cruelty free beauty products. Victoria was a 2021 finalist for the sustainability entrepreneur of the year awards

“Live a life that holds value and stays true to your own ethics.” - Victoria Wood

Today on the podcast, I’m talking to Victoria Wood, founder of Greener Beauty and Greener Salons about why she left her high-stress job within the corporate IT sector to start her own business. We discuss the need for women to acknowledge the need for kindness and compassion in their lives, not only in how we act towards others but in how we care for ourselves. A passionate vegan, Victoria also shares how we can make small changes to our lifestyle to reduce our environmental impact and care for the world around us.

“Every step of your journey is taking you closer to what you’re meant to be doing — we can’t fail at our real purpose because we’re learning lessons to get us closer to that all the time.” - Victoria Wood

Episode Highlights:

  • How Victoria’s breakdown prompted her to reflect and take charge of her life
  • How Victoria combined her IT and problem-solving skills to found Greener Beauty.
  • Why Victoria is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of her business, and why she promises to plant a tree for every order
  • Victoria discusses the birthing difficulties with her business baby and the importance of learning on the job
  • How Natwest Accelerator has supported Victoria by providing a supportive and encouraging business coach.

International Women’s Day Insight:

“It is so important to give ourselves time and space to embrace our feminine energy.” - Victoria Wood

It is essential for women to prioritise time for themselves and embrace their feminine energy, and treat themselves with kindness and compassion. Deciding to leave a corporate masculine role that doesn’t work for you anymore often allows you to develop yourself more compassionately and authentically.

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