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She Rebel Radio

Jun 19, 2020

Nikki Gatenby joins me today, as the author of the bestselling book SuperEngaged and the co- founder of Menopoised®. Menopoised® is a new start up which uses Acupuncture, Chinese medicine practice and consultancy, to change the lives of menopausal women all over the world.

Nikki is also the director of Gatensby Consulting where she works with founders, board directors and leaders to develop their strategy and bring their business ideas to life. Prior to this Nikki was the managing director the multi-award winning, global digital marketing company Propellernet. Nikki has been Featured by The Guardian, The Parliament Trust and Corporate Rebels.

During this Episode we discuss how to stay SuperEngaged with your business and purpose, ripping up the business rule book and the importance of women in leadership and female led businesses. Finally we explore the last taboo - Menopause and why the life stages of women are critical to the growth of women in business and society as a whole.

“We as women need to take up the mantle and blow the taboo (of menopause) apart because we are the the most qualified to do so”

- Nikki Gatenby

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • How to stay SUPER ENGAGED with your business and why it’s critical right now.

  • The importance of ‘WHY’ and being driven by your PURPOSE.

  • The tipping point Nikki experienced as a means to write her book.

  • How you can be successful when you rip up the business rule book.

  • Why women in business and female founders are critical in leadership and creating CHANGE.

  • Why we need to have TABOO conversations about the experiences of women in respect of menopause and menstruation.

  • How dealing with the menopause effectively will change the trajectory for women leaders and business owners all over the WORLD.

Additional Quote :

“You can be successful when you rip up the business rule book and it’s about putting people and purpose on a par with a profit “

- Nikki Gatenby

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