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She Rebel Radio

Sep 11, 2020

Lara Sheldrake, the founder of Found and Flourish joins me this week to discuss how she founded an online membership, media & events platform Empowering THE NEXT GENERATION OF FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS to both found and flourish within their businesses.

During this episode, Lara discusses how her background, career experience and own business trials contributed to founding the online membership platform which started with her Hugs and Brunch events. From multiple business failures to setting up her successful social media consultancy in 2016, Lara shares her top tips for how to found and flourish your business and we discuss the importance of community for female entrepreneurs.

“When you have the right support and cheerleaders around you encouraging you along that journey, the likelihood of you giving up is much lower.”

- Lara Sheldrake

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • How working in a male dominated environment led Lara away from her true purpose but contributed to finding it.

  • How Lara honed in on her zone of genius, what made her happy and started to discover her passion for community.

  • Why community is essential in finding your staying power and confidence in business.

  • Lara shares her golden formula for being successful in both founding and growing your business.

  • Why mindset is essential and helps you to serve more powerfully.

  • How you can find resources, support and empowerment with the Found and Flourish Community.

Additional Quote :

“It can be an organic process when you are really true to who you are. When things don’t flow, you are not being true to yourself somewhere along the line”

- Lara Sheldrake

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Books and Resources :

David Hyatt - Do open

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