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She Rebel Radio

Jun 12, 2020

Patricia Lohan joins me this week and is a Feng Shui Expert, International Motivational Speaker and the Author of the Happy Home which is a guide for creating a home which is magnetic to more happiness, health and wealth.

During this episode we discuss why Feng Shui is important and how you can use it to create a home which is more aligned to your self-actualisation journey. Patricia also shares the many ways your home could actually be holding you back.....and as our homes is a space we are all spending a lot of time in right now - this is the perfect episode to tune into.

“It’s not just about how hard you work or how much personal development you’ve done, it’s about the environment you’re doing it in”

- Patricia Lohan

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why Feng Shui and the environment of your home is so important to self actualisation

  • The 5 elements of Feng Shui you can use in your home

  • How you can get stated with Feng Shui to create greater for more abundance and self actualisation

  • The things in your home that might be blocking your self-actualisation and energy flow

  • How Feng Shui changed things for Patricia personally

Additional Quote :

“The energy of our homes can be impacting our health, finances, career/ businesses, and our relationships because every part of our home represents a part of our lives”

- Patricia Lohan

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