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She Rebel Radio

Nov 1, 2019

Gayle Berry is a serial entrepreneur, business mentor and charity co-founder. A recognised expert and lecturer in mother and baby wellness, she set up Blossom & Berry over 15 years ago and has empowered over a thousand women to set up their own businesses teaching baby massage and yoga. She has a global business and several charitable projects that help create loving connected relationships across the world and gives babies the best start in life.


Gayle joins me today to share her journey from leaving the legal profession as a project finance lawyer in the city to motherhood before founding a global and international business, charity and now mentoring women in creative businesses. She discusses how she felt inauthentic as a lawyer and how she learnt to trust herself as an entrepreneur and mother. 

"Excitement about a subject creates energy and energy creates action" 

- Gayle Berry 


This week on She Rebel Radio : 


  • Gayle's journey from a lawyer working in the city, to mother, to global business owner
  • Why she felt inauthentic as a lawyer and how going through the motions affected her
  • How being a mother and having her daughter gifted her an opportunity for her to reevaluate her life and step in to her truth 
  • How she started a business despite having no time and no money and 3 young children
  • Why she needed to get out of her head and into her heart 
  • How her mission was enough to trust herself in believing she could do something different
  • Why we all have 1001 days to save the world and why this is her message 
  • The impact her work for her charity Love Support Unite has had on women in Malawi 
  • Why believing in yourself and having a vision which strong enough for the world is all you need to be successful. 


Gayle's advice for She Rebels : 

"Don't start unless you are genuinely excited about it, when you think about the message and what you want to share, if it doesn't excite you  - it's going to be difficult"


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