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She Rebel Radio

Oct 18, 2019

Lousia Hirst is the founder of Orelia, a boutique jewelry brand that was born from her love of travel and a desire to source beautiful, ethical jewelry at an accessible price point. After leaving her prestigious job as a jewelry buyer at the high street jewelry chain, Accessorize, Louisa took a sabbatical to travel before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. As a mother, Louisa juggles family life with her new roles of public speaking, coaching, and mentoring entrepreneurs.


Today Louisa shares how being involved in a terrifying natural disaster gave her the final push to leave her 9-5 job and reevaluate her life. We discuss the benefits of giving yourself time to process ideas and trusting your intuition to guide you along the right path. We discuss the importance of speaking out when your gut is telling you ‘no.’ Louisa also shares how she built an amazing team to support her and why it’s vital to have people in your business who are aligned with your brand story to guide the business in the right direction.



“The universe pushes you in certain directions.” - Louisa Hirst



This Week on She Rebel Radio:

  • How the seeds of Orelia were sown during Louisa’s sabbatical
  • How her travels in India inspired her
  • How consultancy was her bridge to entrepreneurship
  • The disadvantages for creative people in the corporate world
  • How Louisa’s intuition guided her in determining the right path for Orelia
  • How she uses yoga to destress and gain clarity
  • The importance of staying authentic and organized in periods of fast growth
  • The valuable lesson she learned about staying true to your brand story and the power of following your intuition
  • The new direction that Louisa is moving in and how she hopes to help other entrepreneurs



Louisa Hirst’s Advice for She Rebels:

  • The sooner you do it, the better. If you’ve got a good idea, the passion behind it, and the belief - you’ll make it work.



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