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She Rebel Radio

Oct 23, 2020

Lara, the founder of Consortium Marketing and the Ladies who Lunch Networking events joins me this week where we discuss the importance of networking events for women and this being a place where we can network on our terms.

We discuss the rarity of women’s networking events 15 years ago and the growth of ‘women’s only’ events in recent years. And Lara shares her top networking tips and challenges when starting her own consultancy but how the supportive network of women in business she’d already created was a foundation she could rely upon in a number of ways.

‘When networking, understand firstly what it is you are trying to achieve by going, make sure you know what times work for you (personally) and always be sure to follow up’

- Lara Squires

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why Lara started a Women Only Networking Event 15 years ago.

  • The benefits of women only events and what we gain by attending them.

  • We explore the differences between women only events and more traditional networking events.

  • Share Top Networking Tips for Networking on your Terms

  • Discuss the impact on business and future of Networking Events for the remainder of 2020/2021

Additional Quote :

“Women’s only networking is a really good starting platform, we have lots of ladies coming to our (Ladies who Lunch) events who have never been to a Networking Event before ’

- Lara Squires

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