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She Rebel Radio

May 28, 2021

Joining She Rebel Radio this week, is Jodie Hill, the Founder and Managing partner of multi award winning legal firm, Thrive Law. As a specialist in employment Law, Jodie’s had her own struggle with mental health and as such is a huge advocate of sharing her story to create change and normalise talking about it. 


Jodie shares her own experience of mental health in the legal profession, leaving her job and setting up as a self employed consultant which created an environment she felt she could actually thrive in : 


 “I actually got better a lot quicker, because I was in the right environment, and also was able to work super flexibly around panic attacks, wobbles, which are inevitable when you're on that on that journey” - Jodie Hill 

Being unable to find a firm that aligned with her values, in a ‘moment of madness’ Jodie decided to set up her own firm and during this episode, we explore finding our deeper purpose, maintaining mental health and the importance of women as leaders. 


 “I had to dig quite deep to understand what I wanted and who I was : passion with action is how I describe my purpose. 


So it's not just -- ‘I'm passionate about this or that, but what we're going to do about it, and then that really then creates our purpose’” - Jodie Hill   

 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Describes her experience with mental health and how that led to greater purpose 
  • How she found a gap in the market within the legal profession
  • Challenges and benefits of starting her own business in a more traditional field
  • Effect of Pandemic on mental health and flexible working
  • The diversity of women as leaders and taking care of ourselves 
  • How she continues to prioritise her mental health whilst running a busy law firm



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Book recommendation : Men as Leaders


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