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She Rebel Radio

Oct 4, 2019

Katherine Swift is the Founder of OMGTea, a distributor of premium matcha green tea that is sourced in Japan. After her mother’s diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer in 2010, Katherine became passionate about getting involved and supporting groundbreaking medical research. It is through this involvement that she learned about the health and wellness benefits of green tea, which led to the formation of her company. Katherine has extensive experience in media sponsorship and promotion as well as event management. Before forming her company, she worked with notable organizations including The Capital Radio Group, The Guardian Media Group, and The Independent. In addition to OMGTea, Katherine is also the founder of The Healthy Life Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds research for age-related diseases.


Katherine joins me today to discuss how she built her extraordinary business out of adversity and what continues to drive her forward. She shares her mother’s diagnosis story and how it led to the formation of her company. She shares the challenges she’s faced while building her business and how today’s political climate is impacting small businesses across the UK. She also shares why female entrepreneurs need to be genuinely passionate about their mission and business and how this passion will fuel your success.




“You’ve got to have the passion and the dedication, but you also need to get some good wins to keep your mojo up.” - Katherine Swift




This week on She Rebel Radio:


  • How Katherine got involved in breast cancer research and how she discovered the health benefits of matcha tea
  • The beating heart behind her business and how it fuels her to keep moving forward
  • How her previous professional background has served her while building her business
  • The challenges she’s faced in creating innovative products and managing cashflow
  • How the current political climate is impacting business owners
  • The highlights of her entrepreneurial career and what has led to her success
  • The benefits of drinking matcha tea
  • What’s next for Katherine and OMGTea



Katherine Swift’s Advice for She Rebels:


  • It’s got to come from the heart. You’ve got to be genuinely passionate about what you are doing.



Connect with Katherine Swift:






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