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She Rebel Radio

Mar 8, 2022

Kelly Newton is the CEO and Founder of BP3 underwear, an innovative company creating absorbent and washable underwear. She founded the company in 2019 following motherhood and returning to work as a receptionist, all whilst facing the additional pressure of menopause and having to support her family following her husband’s redundancy. Kelly aims for her underwear to be stylish, secure, and sustainable, enabling women to still feel attractive while dealing with the challenges of periods and leaking.

“As women, we should play, not pause” - Kelly Newton

Today on the show, I’m talking to Kelly about her courageous decision to share her bladder issues when she gap in the market for attractive, absorbent underwear for women. She shares why it can be such a stigma to admit to having bladder problems and why she wanted to help other women ‘be pee free’. We also discuss the environmental impact of traditional sanitary wear and why she aimed to design sustainable, washable knickers using modern technology that women wouldn’t be embarrassed to use. 

“Every day I'm on this journey, I'm meeting the most amazing women who are so supportive, women who are willingly giving up their time to offer me advice and to help me.” - Kelly Newton

Episode Highlights:

  • Why women facing menopause are often afraid to be honest about their needs
  • What makes Kelly’s BP3 knickers different
  • Why Kelly uses real women to model her knickers and how it has made the brand more accessible
  • Kelly’s most significant business challenge to date and how she overcame the issue with courage, commitment and hard work
  • How the Natwest accelerator has supported Kelly by connecting her with like-minded people on Linkedin and providing her with a mentor for her business

International Women’s Day Insight:

“If I give one woman confidence in her day, then my job is done.” - Kelly Newton

Every step you take allows you to build skills and gain confidence. Kelly highlights how women can empower other women by sharing their knowledge and wisdom and why sharing personal stories makes room for open and honest discussions.

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