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She Rebel Radio

Jul 31, 2020

To end the She Rebel Radio Summer Series, during this episode we discuss Success as a Feminine Based Principle and what that means for you personally.

We explore the polarity of masculine and feminine based principles and how this ties in with the differences between Achievement and Success as we shift into a more Feminine Redefining of the path to achieving and Redesigning Success on your terms.

“Success as a feminine based principle is an important shift and a journey you ought to recognise you are on’’

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Explore Success as Feminine Based Principle.

  • Understand the Law of Polarity.

  • Explain the differences between Achievement and Success.

  • Why entering into extremes of either is exhausting.

  • Introduce the idea of Tao and finding balance.


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Resources and Books
Start with Why :
Thrive :

24 Principles to Feminine Success :

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