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She Rebel Radio

Jul 17, 2020

Where are you going? What is your main objective/purpose and the outcome that you are hoping to reach?

So often, I see women setting off for a journey without thinking through their actual destination and one that is fulfilling to them.

When we seek to fix things outside of ourselves (rather than from within), what is inevitable is finding yourself at yet another empty destination (of which there is no space for in the new paradigm).

This week we explore ’ the external fix’ which leads to empty destinations and how to find an internal fix which leads to a brighter and more fulfilled destination.

“An empty destination is one which is devoid of all meaning and one which takes too much sacrifice to even get there”

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why you need to DECIDE on where you are going.

  • How to pick a fulfilling destination and not another empty one.

  • Why women can be more prone to picking an empty destination.

  • How the external fix contributes to an empty destination & how to identify that trap.

  • Why introspection is key to finding a more fulfilling destination.


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