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She Rebel Radio

Jul 16, 2021

Granddaughter of Iconic Photographer, Lee Miller joins me today to share how Lee continually broke boundaries for Women and created her own rules during an incredible career from Vogue Model, Photographer/Studio Owner to War Correspondent and even in her later life, a Celebrity Chef. 


“Lee never let things kick her when she was down - instead of kind of sitting there and moaning about having a ruined career she instead chose to turn it into an opportunity”


Join us to discover the Mysteries of Reinvention that Lee Miller embodied and how she continually created networks and opportunities for herself : 


“She kind of utilised this network right through her life and built on it “ 


Lee was intent on creating her own rules and to have the right to be able Convey and express her own ideas in world where there was not common place for women 


“In 1930, it was completely unheard of for a woman to have her own studio (and business) as a photographer, which is only now becoming more equally represented with women”


“Lee wasn't going to be held back by these ridiculous things that society put on her - if they can do it, then I can do it too” 


  • Ami Bouhassane 



Ami is also the author of several books about Lee and co-director of Farleys House and Gallery Ltd which houses the Lee Miller Archives, Penrose collection as well as Farleys House and Gallery which is well worth a visit. 


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • How Lee reinvented herself throughout her career 
  • The power of networking and creating opportunities
  • Why Lee also surrounded herself with female friends and colleagues
  • How and why Lee refused to follow the rules for women
  • How childhood and trauma both influenced and caused struggle for Lee
  • How you can support Farleys and Lee Miller Archives :

Connect with Lee Miller Archives and Farleys House and Gallery 


Farley House and Gallery :

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The Woman who broke Boundaries Exhibition in America - ‘SHE IS LEE’



All Images :  © Lee Miller Archives, England 2021. All rights reserved.


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