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She Rebel Radio

Apr 2, 2021

You want a business with the Significance Factor but what does that really take? 

During this episode we begin to unpack the idea of ‘unlearning conventional rules’ and discover the masculine rules in business and thinking at a much deeper level. 


“The Krypton Factor measured mental agility, response, physical ability, observation, intelligence and finished with a quick fire round - it was quite the epitome of masculine based thinking”


During this episode, we discover the essential factors you need for a more feminine based business model with the significance factor and understand that what that entails is way beyond the mental and physical aspects. 


“The significance factor is where you are tested to your emotional and spiritual limits but really -- it’s about learning the tools you need to go deeper.  This is more inline with spiritual agility, deeper observation, embodied practice, emotional intelligence and slowing down”

 - Lulu Minns 


 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • We welcome Series Two and exploring your Business of Significance 
  • We explore the masculine principles of the Krypton Factor 
  • Introduce 5 feminine based principles to develop your Significance Factor 
  • Understand why you can only take clients as deep as you’ve gone yourself 
  • An invitation to the She Rebel Radio Members group with free course :



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