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She Rebel Radio

Jun 5, 2020

Ladies, what are you worth?
How do you start to value yourself?
How do you price your services with Integrity?

This week on She Rebel Radio, we explore how self worth reflects in how you price your services. During this episode discover the essential questions you MUST ask and consider when pricing and diagnose exactly where you may be 'out of integrity' with your pricing.

‘What happens when we price out of integrity is a guilt and resentment cycle as well not selling as we can be ’
- Lulu Minns 

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Recognise why self worth reflects in your pricing.

  • We explore what integrity means and why it is crucial to consider when pricing.

  • Discover the essential questions you MUST ask and consider when pricing.

  • Diagnose exactly where you are 'out of integrity' with your pricing.

  • We ask the question : what are you worth

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Additional Quote :

“As women we carry the weight of the women (in our families) who came before us and the unpaid work that came with that for them - compared to men where ‘unpaid work’ is a punishment usually for a criminal offence” - Lulu Minns

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