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She Rebel Radio

Oct 11, 2019

You want to grow your business and expand your reach, but finding the right time can be hard. Our society and global views often value expansion over contraction, but before you can get bigger, you need to assess where you’re at right now and where you want to go. Autumn is a perfect time to re-assess and reflect on your business goals and build a foundation for your future expansion.


Today, I discuss the process of contraction and why we need to reframe it as a necessary part of the growth cycle. I share my journey of contracting different aspects and processes in my business and why it was a vital part of building a robust and sustainable business. I also dive into the feminine principles of contraction, why it is an essential female process, and why it should be treated as the other side of the coin to expansion.



“The braver you are in your period of contraction, the more energy you’ll muster and gather to have the next period of expansion” - Lulu Minns




This Week on She Rebel Radio:


  • How a period of contraction can build a strong foundation for your business
  • Why contraction is essential in nature
  • Why we should consider contraction as significant as the expansion
  • How to learn to contract
  • Why the pressure of constant expansion creates tension
  • How to create a plan for the future with a period of quiet reflection



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