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She Rebel Radio

Oct 25, 2019

Are you scared of remaining insignificant? Perhaps you feel the need to step into your significance, but you’re not sure of how to get on the right path? You need to leave the feeling of unimportance - of fading into the background - behind and figure out what has been holding you back. Garner the support of other women to step up to be visible as a powerful leader with presence and integrity. This is what you were born to do.


Today I share how I realized I was destined to find significance in my professional life and how I was inspired on that journey by a variety of female role models and mentors. I discuss how you can change your narrative and find significance as a leader and why the path is different for each one of us. I also encourage you to consider what is holding you back from seeking noteworthy positions and preventing you from stepping up to be seen as the committed, powerful, significant woman you are.


“It takes standing in your power. It takes working with integrity. It takes being grounded and embodying your values so much that you vibrate it through the very core of your being.” - Lulu Minns


This Week on She Rebel Radio:

  • What significance truly means for women
  • Why women fear significance and the importance of overcoming this fear
  • The correlation between significance and accountability
  • Why you need to think about who inspires you and gives you courage
  • How to persist in a culture which does not favor women
  • Identifying what you need to give up to find your significance
  • The process of becoming comfortable with being visible


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