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She Rebel Radio

Dec 6, 2019

Female CEO and Co-Founder Alex Bailey joins me this week — where she shares 5 years into her business journey, who inspires her, the compelling vision which pulls her forward and the organic route her business took which gives the ultimate freedom in making important decisions which are purpose led.

With a traditional background in Occupational Psychology, Alex pioneered the first strengths- based performance programme to a UK organisation in 2004 and went on to scale this out in a global role to 27 countries and 65,000 people at Aviva.

During this episode, Alex further discusses how “fear” is not a good basis for change and how at Bailey and French Ltd, they place people as the expert in their own environment using new experiences to inspire openness and receptivity to change. With the world undergoing rapid transformation, Alex discusses how being purpose led with a focus on humanising the future world of work underpins everything she does.

“We are hurtling towards a very transformed future and in the process loosing the art of meaningful human connection and conversation. We must do better”

- Alex Bailey

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • How occupational psychology and the early part of her career was quite rigid in thinking and diversity.

  • How creating change need not be complex but can in fact be very simple.

  • The discrimination faced as a female CEO but also how diversity is being demand led by the marketplace.

  • The limits of “fear” as a basis of change rather than inspiring openness and receptivity

  • How her company focused on providing solutions for clients and not the competition.

  • The business leaders and compelling vision which inspires her daily.

  • The need for boldness and a radical approach to business and the world of work.

  • Why the focus on setting up quickly, rapid growth and selling out is outdated versus purpose led businesses with a vision for cultural evolution.

  • Why she listens to her intuition and has learnt to dial up her own voice.

  • Why finding your tribe is crucial to testing your ‘boldness’.

  • How she checks in, reflects and asks what it is she wants to be know for.

  • On how sharing her “why” openly means her leadership team can also hold her accountable to it.

Alex’s advice for She Rebels :

“I regularly reflect and ask MYSELF the question around - is this the right thing? Is this really what I want to be known for? Is this what I really want held up against my name? It really is important to dial up the volume of your own voice”

- Alex Bailey

Connect with Alex (Bailey and French)

Website :

Twitter: @alexbaileycpp and @Baileyandfrench

LinkedIn: Alex Bailey

: Bailey & French – Consulting


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