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She Rebel Radio

Apr 8, 2020

Our favourite Entrepreneur Educator, Clare Griffiths joins me this week for a special live webinar where we discuss why entrepreneurship is the new women’s movement and what the pandemic can mean for women in business.

27 women came together from the UK and USA to discuss the rise of female entrepreneurs in the context of women's history and the current pandemic we now face. Clare delivered a bite- size session on how small businesses can innovate in response to the current global crisis.

The attendees left feeling inspired, powerful and informed with ideas about how they could potentially innovate within their own businesses and you will leave this episode of She Rebel Radio feeling the same.

“As women we’ve been keeping our heads above the parapet in a world of prestige, esteem and achievement yet men having their full needs met have been busy self-actualising - we are behind on that and what if now is the time we can step forward to fully self actualise?” - Lulu Minns

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why women are feeling stuck, unfulfilled and trapped in positions of prestige.

  • Why business can be a vehicle for us to fully self-actualise.

  • We explore the potential openings and problems that have occurred for women in business during the current pandemic.

  • Discover 6 ways you can innovate during this time in business.

Additional Quote :

“Be confident enough to change it. Pivot, change the focus and even the business model“

- Clare Griffiths

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Join the next Free Webinar : What’s working Online with Guest Expert Alex Bailey

How to stay positive, create community and connection online with Lulu Minns and Guest Expert Alex Bailey, Alex is a the CEO of Bailey & French, a positive psychologist, and human connection expert.

As we navigate unprecedented times, we need unprecedented women to step up and lead online, join us on the 14th April at 8.00pm GMT where discuss how you can do that.

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