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She Rebel Radio

Feb 14, 2020

During this episode, I share with you why for the last four years I have been on a yoga retreat each year as a means of taking care of my ‘emotional house’ which is critical to stepping into your business of significance.

We explore how emotions are a power source of everything including of your business. And why it's crucial to take care of your ‘emotional house’ and burn out rate before learning the how’s, strategy and all the ‘doing’.

“A business of significance is driven by your emotions. So if you’re not taking care of your emotions, you are not taking care of business”

- Lulu Minns

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why you need to keep your emotional house and emotional body in check

  • We explore the negativity around women and being emotional

  • What emotion means and how it can drive our businesses

  • The conditioning of women in prestigious positions as a means of turning emotions off

  • How the mind can keep us safe and be used as means to prove ourselves.

  • Why you need to create the space to process emotions

Resources :
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Check out Gem’s Yoga :

Multiple Braining :

Lizzie at Go Coastal :

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