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She Rebel Radio

Apr 23, 2021

Female sexuality expert, Keeley Olivia joins me this week, where we discuss the gender orgasm gap and why she wrote her memoir, ‘Unleashing the Female O’ 

“Our bodies are incredible, why is there internalised shame (for women) about how they look, how they express and do what they naturally do?” - Keeley Olivia 

Keeley’s TED talk, ‘Masturbation is the new Meditation’ has received 1.5 million views where she announces the second wave sexual revolution - one that will place the pursuit of the female orgasm as a powerful portal for personal transformation and empowerment. 

“I teach a deeply empowering embodiment and lifestyle practice that connects us to awe, relaxation, pleasure and to our power” - Keeley Olivia

We discuss the historic and global repression of female sexuality and feminine power plus why embodiment over intellectualisation is the key to reclaiming it. 

“When we can go into the body and feel safe, trusting it’s wisdom - that is healing the feminine and bringing feminine leadership qualities that the world needs right now”

- Keeley Olivia 

 This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Exploring the gender orgasm gap and where it comes from
  • Why we need to reclaim female sexuality as a means to empowerment 
  • Repression of the feminine (and female sexuality) globally 
  • The power of embodiment and being present in the body 
  • 5 foundations of holistic sex & why masturbation is the new meditation 
  • The Journey to awakening the cervix and holistic tools available 


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