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She Rebel Radio

Mar 3, 2022

Dr. Sharon Blackie Sharon is an award-winning writer, an internationally recognized teacher whose work sits at the interface of psychology, mythology, and ecology. She specialises as a therapist in narrative storytelling and creative imagination, and clinical hypnotherapy. Sharon’s work is focused on the relevance of myth, fairy tales, and folk traditions to the personal, cultural and environmental problems we face today.

“The natural world holds wisdom for all of us.” - Sharon Blackie

I’m so excited to have Sharon on the show for this International Women’s Day series because we are discussing how women can harness the wisdom of folk tales in how we approach the problems that we face in the modern world. We explore the importance of reclaiming our feminine natures and why when women achieve success in the patriarchal wasteland, it can make us feel hollow or unbalanced. Sharon shares her research into why women have a need to align with the seasons and the moon and connect with our need to listen to a more earthy, bodied wisdom that rejects the masculine need for constant outward achievement.

“There is a witch wound that that has followed us through the centuries that makes us a little bit fearful.” - Sharon Blackie

Episode Highlights:

  • The importance that we as women reconnect with our stories and ancestral wisdom
  • The cultural narrative that we grow up with as women in the Western world and how it has subconsciously damaged how we interact with others in business
  • Why women need a different approach that encompasses more of the qualities that we think of as feminine
  • Why women are more aligned with the post-heroic story that focuses on community and contraction
  • What we can do to take back and root ourselves within our precious ancestral sources of wisdom
  • Sharon’s insights on how women in the second half of life can move forward and share their skills despite modern society wanting them to quietly disappear

International Women’s Day Insight:

“There are feminine qualities, which clearly women embody in spades, which are a slower, deeper, embodied wisdom.” - Sharon Blackie

We need to harness the power of connecting with ancient feminine wisdom traditionally rooted in the earth. Recognising that feminine energy allows us a success that aligns more fully with nature’s rhythms will enable us to reject patriarchal norms and embrace our energy and power and use it to make changes in the world

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