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She Rebel Radio

Nov 6, 2020

This week as part of our Bonfire Guy Fawkes Special, we talk about the meaning of Treason and how you may be showing disloyalty to yourself and your own inner sovereign.

We explore how autumn is season to let go of the excuses you are making and make them your reasons for doing something instead.

''The excuses you've been making for not doing something are the very REASONS you should be using to do the opposite"

This week on She Rebel Radio

  • We explore the meaning of treason and how that may be showing up for you personally.
  • We discuss what being disloyal to your inner sovereign means.
  • Why now is the season to create change and take action.
  • Identify the excuses you've been hiding behind and making them your reasons instead.
  • Invite you to deep dive to the inner work by booking a connection call with me


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